Sorry it took so long but here they are!!!!!    I hope you are all as excited as me.

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One Response to CHAIRS!!!!!!

  1. brianbaik86 says:

    Hi sorry i was sick last weekend and really busy for my other classes assignments by the way, This Model one is my group project so i would like to fix some points. So, If i make this chair I would like to fix back of chair part it’s too long i mean the size and it makes unbalance this chair this is just miniature so it seems like fine but if you make the real one it’s gonna be really hard to stand also the seat part is too short so i would like to 4:6(Seat/Back) i think that ratio is perfect balance. In addition, i would like to fix chair legs part it seems like to weak and it needs support so i would like to add support flat plate each two chair legs. Finally, this chair maker said when he made this chair he thought lemonade so if i paint this chair i would like to paint Yellow & white I mean outside part and chair leg parts is white color and inside part(seat& back) is Yellow color i think if i do that that chair like lemon and it look so fresh. that’s my opinion about this chair and sorry about my terrible english i know my english grammar is such a disaster! anyway see you tonight classmates!

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