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Leigh Sculpture

Here are pics of my sculpture.  I just need to do the eyes.  Any tips? Advertisements

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Leigh’s Sketchbook

I’ve posted some pics of my sketchbook.  The cover and back are made from white board.  I used spray painted cardboard to cover the wood side and black cardboard on the sides.  I still need to finish the edges but … Continue reading

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Hello All! Just finished most of my sculpture!

I tried to do the best I could, I’m new to doing sculptures.

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Hey can anybody give me some advice on my sketch book?

My sketch book is turning out to be really nice. As of late, I hit a brick wall as fall as innovation and design. John told me, he thinks it would be cool to add different sections/ folders. I must … Continue reading

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Plaster progress.

I’m going to be making an overhaul to the bottom half of my sculpture. I think in my process I lost some of the originality of Kiki Smith’s human sculptures. I think I can still pull it off because I … Continue reading

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Sketchbook help

Hey I’ve been working on my sketch book and because it’s made out of paper coffee sleeves I need something to cover it. Originally I thought that I would iron the plastic Starbucks cups to flatten them and paste them on but … Continue reading

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 In the spirit of Halloween I thought I’d post this. I just thought it was really clever and a great trick of the eye.

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