Triangle Bench Re-Design

Here are some pics of my original pallet and the bench re-design for Danny’s bench.  After our critique and team meeting last night we decided to make a few modifications to the bench.  We are going to drop the seat down and use the outside triangles as a divider or separation in the seating, as Danny originally intended.  We are going to add an arm rest to join the two triangles and create a more comfortable resting place, also you won’t get a “surprise” if you go to sit down without looking.  I have a drawing of the new design (see below) but am thinking about making a new model for this design.  I think it would help when constructing the life size bench.  Are any other groups doing a new cardboard model to incorporate changes from last night? 

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2 Responses to Triangle Bench Re-Design

  1. dhawk3 says:

    I love it. P.S. I spell my name Dani

  2. leighanora says:

    Haha, that would make sense. Sorry for the misspelling.

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