Back River Clean-up

Meet at the sculpture in the parking lot attached to the art building next to where we unloaded D’s pallets. Be there @ 7:30 am.  From there we will be heading down to essex to help the Back River Restoration Committee in a clean-up of that part of the watershed.   From this cleanup we will be collecting materials to produce one of our next projects from.  The official assignment will be given at the sculpture @7:30.    I really can’t wait, it will be alot of fun and a good chance for us to work with others for an awesome cause..

who wants to drive???? I can only fit three besides myself.

The clean-up is 9-2:00  and if you need to leave early you need to drive separately.

Does anyone have a truck that they would be willing to drive there and back to help with the transportation of materials?????? It would be a big help


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5 Responses to Back River Clean-up

  1. leighanora says:

    I need to leave at 12 so I will have to drive separately and unfortunately I don’t have a truck for materials. Besides work boots and gloves, is there anything else we need to wear/bring?

  2. Darrell says:

    I can drive but I can only fit one person in my car

  3. dhawk3 says:

    I need to be at work by one so I’ll be leaving early as well

  4. dhawk3 says:

    Rain or shine?

  5. Johnkoshea says:

    good morning everyone, the BRRC provides everything we will need for the clean-up, including food. We’ll figure out the transportation logistics this morning at the sculpture.
    see everyone at 7:30

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