Jeff Koons

Hi this is Brian i’m so sorry about i couldn’t come last class because i have terrible flu and i’m still sick but i don’t want to mess up this project Also i apologize to my team mates i couldn’t do our group project(in class) because i really important think about  team work is  important so i will do my effort for that project i promise and sorry again my team mates

By the way my copy-cat designer is Jeff Koon. this artist has two different styles of his work one is very detail and realistic figure sculptures it’s like real and another one is very abstract especially balloon dog so i would like to do mix those two styles so my figure gonna be the face part is realistic and neck or shoulder part is abstract like a balloon.


About brianbaik86

Hi my name is Jae-woo Baik aka Brian Baik i'm from Seoul,South Korea I'm 25 years old and college student from Towson University
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2 Responses to Jeff Koons

  1. Johnkoshea says:

    When your thinking about this artwork and how to apply it to yours consider the role that beauty plays in Mr. Koons work. He makes things that are meant be to beautiful. Why? I would argue that most of Jeff koons’s artwork is objective in the sense that they are representations of actual things and the only personal interpretation is in the tightness of rendering, scale, and color. Make sure you really try to capture his IDEA. Sorry we missed you, hope your feeling better.

  2. brianbaik86 says:

    Hey John thank you for understand my excuse i appreciate that honestly i couldn’t catch clearly i mean Jeff koon’s beautiful thing i think i should research him more and more but most of his work is kinda sexual things so i need to express my figure something sexual?

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