Plaster progress.

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I’m going to be making an overhaul to the bottom half of my sculpture. I think in my process I lost some of the originality of Kiki Smith’s human sculptures. I think I can still pull it off because I left most of that material untouched. I didn’t want to mess up beyond repair.


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4 Responses to Plaster progress.

  1. dhawk3 says:

    It looks great, man. I really like the mouth, your style is really coming through

  2. travss says:

    Hey, whats up? Your project is coming along very well. I like the teeth, maybe can try to carve around them slightly to make them pop.

  3. leighanora says:

    I know you are afraid to take away too much material but I think you need to take away more. I like the direction that the styling is going in but I would add some more movement and fluidity to the structure. I think it would help to focus the direction of the gaze. Most of her pieces seem to hang their head or being looking up (both gazes seem very intent and thoughtful as though looking for an answer to something). If you could portray that emotion in your sculpture I think it would be awesome!

    • Ryan Spadaro says:

      Thanks leigh. I’ve been trying to think about how I’m going to do it. I have a little bit of space to work with but something I was thinking about doing was to twist what material I can make my neck. So while my head would sit on flat it will have a slight twist. Delicate and subtle.

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