Sketchbook help

Hey I’ve been working on my sketch book and because it’s made out of paper coffee sleeves I need something to cover it. Originally I thought that I would iron the plastic Starbucks cups to flatten them and paste them on but I’m afraid it will take away from the simplicity of the sketchbook what with incorporating a new design on top of the one that’s already there. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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8 Responses to Sketchbook help

  1. Ryan Spadaro says:

    You could use the cups as a margin on the top or bottom. So a row of coffee cup material and the rest is sleeves. It may be difficult to describe via internet.

  2. ocawley29 says:

    I think I get the jist of it and that would definately reinforce it. I was also thinking just the plastic cupson the back of the covers?

  3. dhawk3 says:

    Wait how are you going to melt them down aren’t they more cardboard then plastic?

  4. travss says:

    Maybe you can try clear book report covers. I can bring one in for you if you like.

  5. ocawley29 says:

    D-the plastic cups from cold drinks
    The book report covers would work but it’s not recycled so it probably wouldn’t be permitted

  6. ocawley29 says:

    Yeah that’s why I was thinking the cups originally

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