Okay, so I am struggling with what to use to suspend the two halves of my head in the tank. I’m getting a 3-5 gallon tank to submerge them in, but buying that much gelatin to fill the tank is going to get pricy, I looked into getting actual formaldehyde but one I would know how to get it two I don”t know exactly what the school’s policy would be on me bringing that harmful of a chemical on campus, plus I have no clue how to handle it, and I really don’t need my parents thinking I’m turning the basement into a meth lab. I’m funning out of idea’s water would be a great solution except for the fact that I don’t know how it would be possible to suspend them in the water. Open to any and all suggestions please!!!!


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Art Ed. Student at Towson University, with a minor in Museum studies.
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3 Responses to Formaldehyde

  1. Ryan Spadaro says:

    Haha. Formaldehyde would be awesome. I think I saw somewhere on the internet a way you can make your own gelatin with flour or something. I bet it’s easy to find. OR jello. because you can make it green.

  2. leighanora says:

    Hmmm…not sure if this would work but what about using those clear beads that are used in floral arrangements at the bottom of vases. This would give you something to “rest” the sculpture on and the suspension wouldn’t have as much weight. Then you could fill the remaining space up with whatever liquid you decide. I’m thinking some kind of glue that would dry clear (or you could color it with food coloring or kool-aid) and it would keep the sculpture in place.

  3. Johnkoshea says:

    why not seal the heads with polyurethane and filling the tank with water, a little food coloring and your done. It would work fine, really.

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