Here’s my sketchbook! It’s a 10×10 sheet of paper glued onto two Lego bases, and then paper for sketching sandwiched between the covers. Most of the paper comes from cut up grocery bags. If the paper “spine” breaks from wear and tear it’ll be easy to fix.

On the first day of class when John showed us the sketchbooks from last semester, I liked the one that was all tape and recycled paper. There were one or two that were like large metal boxes which I thought was silly – a sketchbook needs to be small and light so that it can stay in my backpack all day without becoming a burden.





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2 Responses to sketchbook

  1. Ryan Spadaro says:

    you know it would be really cool if you put a couple of bricks on the cover and back. maybe spell out sketchbook or just to make it have a bit more weight to it. When legos are parodied to look like real objects it’s kind of funny. but yours can be fully functional.

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