Sculpture Project

The artist I chose to do my sculpture on is Tim Hawkinson. I wanted to post the picture I am using to do my carving. I also posted the start of my sculpture, hopefully second time around will be a better success than the first. I am going to sculpt my face and use a different material to make the birds and the branch that are coming out of the mouth (still trying to figure out which materials will work best). I came across the picture of his sculpture where he used a red tone so I was thinking about painting my sculpture a reddish tone. Most of his themes include his own body, music and passing of time, as well as his artistic engagement with material, technique and process.


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2 Responses to Sculpture Project

  1. ocawley29 says:

    Have you checked out michaels for stuff for the birds?

    • aeisenberg0 says:

      no I haven’t checked there yet. I was going to check joann fabrics first because its closer to where I live. I thought about using a real twig so hopefully that will work with the birds. Thanks

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