Here are some pictures of my sketchbook. It is still in the works and I’m looking for more ideas as far as making the book out of more durable materials. As of right now the front and back are made out of two pieces of cardboard and I melted crayons on the covers to add design. In the middle I just used regular sketch paper and metal rings to hold it together.  I like the size I have and I like the idea of having the handle. I was  thinking about using a heavier cardboard material ( not as hard as wood but heavier than regular cardboard). I was also thinking about maybe combining the crayon with something else to cover the whole front and back. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Sketchbook

  1. leighanora says:

    Hi Amy – What if you layered the wrappers of the crayons on the inside of the sketchbook? I’m thinking, use more crayon the front and back cover, then coat with a clear glaze (maybe old nail polish). You could finish the edges with crayon wrappers and then line the inside covers with wrappers as well. This might add some durability to the sketchbook and keep with the theme. You could also use the cardboard from crayon boxes to reinforce the inside. It would be cool if you could incorporate a pencil sharpener like the big crayon boxes have. It would tie the theme together and be a useful tool for a sketchbook. I have a box of crayons at home if you want me to bring it in for ideas or materials. Let me know.

    • aeisenberg0 says:

      thanks so much for the feedback. i thought about using the crayon wrappers but it was had to peel them off, most of them ripped and were in small pieces. ill see what I can do. thanks again!

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