Housing: MICA related

So, I’ll be talking about what we do in Mexico when I do my presentation but the Mica thing reminded me of the homes down in Nogales. (Mexico, not the one in AZ) People often come up to Nogales from southern Mexico because of the job opportunites. Because no one technically owns the land the people can build a house wherever they want but if it is put up for sale by the government and they can’t buy it they will lose it. So, in a rush to claim the land they build homes out of whatever they can find/afford which isn’t much. One man is literally buying a brick a week and building his home.  There was one family that built most of thier home out of cardboard, and it gets cold at night. So, I was just thinking how great it would be if something like what MICA students made was brought down into Nogales.



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5 Responses to Housing: MICA related

  1. aeisenberg0 says:

    I think its awesome that you go to Mexico and help people build their houses/shelters. Its a shame that people can only build a little at a time and some of the materials they have to use is not very strong (cardboard). It would be nice if more people could help or if they had stronger materials to use.

  2. dhawk3 says:

    I think what you are doing here is really great! Who do you do the program through? How often do you go? What kind of spirits are the people in?

  3. ocawley29 says:

    Thanks guys. I go through my Church, Grace Fellowship Church but lots of groups to to the place we go (Curium House) run by a man from VA and his family. I’ve gone two years in a row once a year. I want to try to go more often in the future. The people are often some of the most joyous people I’ve ever encoutered. It’s so heartwarming to see people happy with their lifes rather than their stuff

  4. Aw thats so great that you’re helping and giving back to others. Look forward to hearing your presentation, this is awesome and it’s great that you’re so passionate about it!

  5. leighanora says:

    I agree with everyone’s previous comments, it truly is amazing that you volunteer your time and efforts to go and build these shelters for people. You really are making a difference in the world. Maybe ideas from this class will help with the construction on the houses next time you go.

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