MICA post


After looking at the MICA pictures I found a website that had pictures of a shelter made out of pallets. Since we’ve been working with pallets and are using them to make our chars I thought it would be nice to post something in relationship to what were doing in class and something that relates to the MICA project. Hope you all like it.

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4 Responses to MICA post

  1. dhawk3 says:

    I love the little chairs out front in the second picture down! Are the roofs solar powered?

  2. ocawley29 says:

    I found those earlier! They’re really neat and a cool way to recycle what would be trashed. My only concern is the insulation. Wouldn’t it be cold?

  3. Really cute and I love that they are made of pallets! Yes, these definitely have to be in a warmer climate.

  4. leighanora says:

    I still am amazed everytime I see something else made entirely out of pallets. They really do have an intriguing design to them. I think that once you put the structures together you could insulate them with other materials. I’d love to see these spaces filled with related furniture and other decorations.

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