related with MICA’s Environmental Design Project

When i saw the pictures it’s really amazing because the Shelter shape is really simple and ver well-know shelter styles but when i saw this shelter structure map a lot of materials use for that shelter. Especially, I like they use metal mesh and exterior skin material. For me it’s like they make a bee’s hive and covered nature materials(Wood,Leaves,Bamboo, and etc) it reminds me African’s traditional shlter

So here is Maasai Kenya Traditional House and it called “Inkajijik”

Inkajijik (maasai people word for a Maasai Kenya traditional house are loaf-shaped and made of mud, sticks, grass, cow dung and cow’s urine. Women are responsible for making the houses as well as supplying water, collecting firewood, milking cattle and cooking for the family.

i think this house wall style is kinda similar to what Mica’s students built their shelter project of course materials are different but structure is kinda similar.


Next one is The Shelter House by Franklin Azzi Architecture is located in Yport, near Normandy, France.

This shelter house is Eco-house and Eco design i think that house is related with Mica’s Environmental design project. i think this one is more professional and develop version of Mica’s project because that house style or shape is really similar but this architecture team attached more options i think it’s brillant and it’s eco house so that house is really help for save Earth and save our nature. If you go to the link you can see the details.


Finally, i’m really interested for eco-art or eco-design especially junk art so if i have a chance to have my own house i will interior for junk art style for my house. because it makes me my house is gonna be artistic,unique and save out nature.



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Hi my name is Jae-woo Baik aka Brian Baik i'm from Seoul,South Korea I'm 25 years old and college student from Towson University
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5 Responses to related with MICA’s Environmental Design Project

  1. Ryan Spadaro says:

    Very awesome designs.

  2. dhawk3 says:

    It amazing how esthetically pleasing these designs can be. This is the perfect example of why I don’t understand why people can say that art isn’t as important as other subjects. Without artist like the people at MICA and the type of people building the homes in norway, we would all lead very dreary lives!

  3. ocawley29 says:

    Wow those are really neat. It shows how you can life off of so little. I feel like we are often so worried about the bigger, better house, but these are just so simple and organic; it’s refreshing

  4. I love these! I love that they actually look like more livable, practical houses where you don’t have to give up attractive design. Very simple and economical. I want one!

  5. leighanora says:

    These houses are very different from most of the other websites posted but more what I would expect for African climate. They do have warmer and cozier feel than some of the other structures that we’ve looked at, which is important when thinking about their function.

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