Self Sustaining Homes

These homes all though are not temporary as the MICA homes, I still found them fitting because they are cost effective and completely self sustaining. Research for them is being done in New Mexico. All the houses amenities are completely self sustained, the heating and cooling, the water, food, and water are all powered by none other than mother earth. Even the materials used to build the homes are all resources found in nature, without giving up an modern day luxury like electricity or heating and AC, and especially plumbing. Not quite exactly like the temporary structure, but it certainly helps you lead a healthier more economical life, along with severely reducing your carbon footprint. Good for the environment and you!


About dhawk3

Art Ed. Student at Towson University, with a minor in Museum studies.
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3 Responses to Self Sustaining Homes

  1. ocawley29 says:

    Those are so neat looking! But I think that they would only work in a place like New Mexico because glass is not a great insulator

  2. Yeah awesome designs! Really uses recycling and natural resources in the best way possible. Clever ways of thinking! But I also agree with Olivia I can’t really see something like this in a climate where it snows.

  3. leighanora says:

    I like how you are able to grow food indoors all year in these structures. I think it would be interesting to rent one of these for a night on an “eco-friendly” vacation.

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