Hey, first is the head due today? Second, I couldn’t find the right color to paint it. If you remember, my artist used metal and it’s not black but I couldn’t find the right color. So I used a chocolate brown and it doesn’t look right. Any suggestions?

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  1. Ryan Spadaro says:

    Is it one flat color? Because then I would suggest you take a brush and dry brush black, brown, and maybe a hint of gold. Your artist’s sculptures are very jagged and raised, and they look really worn. If you don’t know what dry brushing is it’s simple. I’d say first put a base coat of black on the entire thing. then take a brush and dip it in either your brown or old colors. Wipe the brush off lightly so you don’t soak up all the paint, just any that could drip off. Then lightly dab on your piece. It’s hard to explain this way but I could just tell you in class.

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