Guggenheim Art Museum- Exhibition :Maurizio Cattelan All

I went to Guggenheim Art Museum for Thanksgiving break in NY i think this exhibition is really help for this class so i would like to share pictures what i took there. It’s Maurizio Cattelan’s exhibition. so, for this project at the Guggenheim, Cattelan has simultaneously embraced and subverted the notion of an exhaustive survey exhibition. The site-specific installation All radically upends the ordered hierarchies and conventional viewing conditions of the museum retrospective by suspending his entire body of work in disorientating, seemingly haphazard mass in the center of the buliding’s Frank Lloyd Wright designed rotunda. This unorthodox presentation, which is visible to visitors from the ground floor and from each ascending ramp, brings together almost every work the artist has created since 1989, including sculpture, paintings, photographs, and works on paper, in a sculptural environment that functions as a unified artwork in its own right.


About brianbaik86

Hi my name is Jae-woo Baik aka Brian Baik i'm from Seoul,South Korea I'm 25 years old and college student from Towson University
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One Response to Guggenheim Art Museum- Exhibition :Maurizio Cattelan All

  1. Ryan Spadaro says:

    wow I just realized how awesome this is. A giant crossover installation of contemporary art. I enjoy looking at artist’s work together in a format like this. Because you might have never thought that more than one artist could exist in the same room as another. Especially contemporary ones.

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