Hey guys, the school is having an open house for the foundations classes with a reception on december 15th from 4-6.   This means that we have to finish the chairs, I think we can get all three in the show/open house!!!!!!!  I  think that this project is a very important model for all foundations classes.  We have taken that one original idea and pushed it through the design process and spent the time to produce something really nice,  so now lets complete that transformation and put it out for the masses to see!!  this means they have to be completed and painted monday night.  Can this happen?

I love that Olivia said her friends in the other classes were jealous  of us and this project, lets show everyone that using the design process and a little/a lot, of work can really make a difference, especially in the case of producing something useful out of useful materials going to waste.

I also want to display the moquettes with the chairs so please bring in the ones you have, it will be a very useful tool in showing the whole process!!!!

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4 Responses to Showtime!!!

  1. Ryan Spadaro says:

    That is really awesome. It would certainly give our chairs some credibility. And I think they will all look cool together in the same color, as part of a set.

  2. Darrell says:

    That’s exciting to hear! I’m sure we can make this happen! Although, I have to admit that I’ve feeling a little anxiety over the painting and the end result it twill produce.

    We shall see.

  3. Johnkoshea says:

    the chairs are up!!!! and look great, hopefully nobody messes with them, I think we will get a lot of attention for them!!

  4. aeisenberg0 says:

    I think the chairs turned out great, I like the bright red color!!

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