I like make Jewerly and i was Jewerly Designer in South Korea it’s Acrylic Jewerly and i love party,club and hiphop style it can be abstract and it can be a good message and good match in the club!-Brian-


12 Responses to 4fun

  1. dhawk3 says:


    Totally in love with this. I’m going through a bone phase in my work

  2. dhawk3 says:

    this really cool website that one of my co-workers works off, so cool handmade and vintage things

    • ocawley29 says:

      That stuff is really neat! By the way were you able to fix your head piece? I have to glue the head on mine so I was wondering if superglue worked for you?

      • dhawk3 says:

        Yeah the super glue worked just fine wet the plaster a little before applying the glue and apply the glue to both sides that way the plaster can absorb it, and it works well enough but it’s by no means as strong as a solid peiece do still be careful with it after your done.

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