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19 Responses to Sketchbook

    • ocawley29 says:

      Once I did that and the blender started smoking!!! But it turns out very neat it’s fun to do. Super thick paper though, kind of hard to use pencils on

  1. brianbaik86 says:

    This for my presnetation about this class
    His name is Scott Weaver and he has constructed a new interactive tour of San Francisco hot spots — using 100,000 toothpicks collected over the past 35 years.
    i think it’s amazing and i can see his effort and he spent a lot of time for that.

    • leighanora says:

      Very cool, I like that it has a purpose other than just being viewed. The movement throught the design is incredible, I can’t imagine trying to figure out the logistics of making all that work. Does he have any other pieces?

  2. brianbaik86 says:

    Just look at this website it’s amzing design furniture and that website inspire to me my furniture design

    • leighanora says:

      These are really interesting, there are a few that I would love to try out and put in my living room. I’m a little scared of the one that is strapped to your body, I definitely wouldn’t want to be the one wearing that thing with someone sitting in it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. brianbaik86 says:

    this link for my sketchbook idea i know it’s not sketchbook Newera cap but it’s really interesting piece and i researched a lot but i couldn’t find sketchbook Newera cap i think it’s gonna be rare haha! i’m still working for make that because i have some trouble for sketchbook cover part

  4. dhawk3 says:

    I’m trying to figure out a way to create the light box half of my sketchbook. I have the Plexiglas and size decided I just need to figure the lighting out. I won’t need much I only need to the light 4X4 area. Suggestions more than welcome!

  5. dhawk3 says:

    The plexi glass plate I’m using for the light box is about a sixteenth of an inch to wide I’ve tried hand sanding it down but I don’t seem to be making progress… Would I e able to use the belt sander on the glass or not?

  6. dhawk3 says:

    Hey John, I tried to stop by your office today, but you weren’t in. I have just a few questions. Mainly what size the slots need to be but also, how is the information put into the laser cutter. I’m just not sure how I have to put it into illustrator so that it is compatible with the laser cutter. Should it all be confined to one art board or separate boards for each aspect?

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