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Hi my name is Jae-woo Baik aka Brian Baik i'm from Seoul,South Korea I'm 25 years old and college student from Towson University

How to Glaze Pottery

I think this video will help your Ceramics toy figure project I have a bachlor degree for ceramics. So, i think this video show us really easy to do pottery If you interst Ceramics and want to learn about it this step … Continue reading

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Awesome Cardboard Vaccum!

Hi I just found this one when I looked at My Korean internet news I think that’s really awesome and protect we waste too much chemical toxic and save the earth. <Vax unveils a prototype vacuum cleaner made from cardboard>

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Guggenheim Art Museum- Exhibition :Maurizio Cattelan All

I went to Guggenheim Art Museum for Thanksgiving break in NY i think this exhibition is really help for this class so i would like to share pictures what i took there. It’s Maurizio Cattelan’s exhibition. so, for this project … Continue reading

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related with MICA’s Environmental Design Project

When i saw the pictures it’s really amazing because the Shelter shape is really simple and ver well-know shelter styles but when i saw this shelter structure map a lot of materials use for that shelter. Especially, I like they … Continue reading

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Jeff Koons

Hi this is Brian i’m so sorry about i couldn’t come last class because i have terrible flu and i’m still sick but i don’t want to mess up this project Also i apologize to my team mates i couldn’t do … Continue reading

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My Sketchbook(Brian)

Finally i finished to make my sketchbook it’s New-era flatted hat sketchbook You can wear it everywhere also you can sketch or memo everywhere! if you have brillant idea you don’t need to bring your sketchbook everytime in your bag … Continue reading

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