MICA’s Environmental Design Project

I wish you guys could have met the designers.  It was exciting to see such an enthusiastic group of students participating in something so important.  Although the actual structure wasn’t in the gallery the evidence and record of the ideation process was well represented.  There was even some really nice cardboard models.

Art and design is making a huge impact in all aspects of life and in this situation it is being incorporated in the creation of live, work, and learning structures in times of total devastation. For this assignment I would like everyone to find a similar situation/outreach where the same design process we use is being capitalized on to make peoples lives better. Please explain why you have chosen your particular project and how you feel that it uses design.

I would like to have everyones posts up by saturday, giving everyone a chance before class on monday to comment on the beautiful actions we have all found.

I hope everyones week is going good!


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