Pallet Chair

Hey, Team Darrell’s Chair

1. We still need a good name

2. We need to keep thinking about what to uses as the place holders for the back!

I was thinking just to keep it close to something that is relevant to pallets and just use some larger sturdy nails with the wholes already knocked out so it wouldn’t be permanent. More Ideas please!!!! Oh and as far as the name goes I’m thinking about it focusing on how minimal the chair is. When Darrell talked about his chair he mention minimalism. But also another train of thought it how you have to interact with the chair before being able to sit. If we could combine those two in the chair name that would be great we just need ideas!!!!



18 Responses to Pallet Chair

  1. dhawk3 says:

    I went into work and spoke with the manager and he was more than happy to have us take as many pallet’s as we want off his hands. I’ll bring them this coming Monday and will need help unloading them. How many should I bring?

  2. travss says:

    Just finished pallet chair and will add more detail and color. However I wonder if I should bring in my first model build which is just a frame.

  3. brianbaik86 says:

    Hi sorry i was sick last weekend and really busy for my other classes assignments by the way, This Model one is my group project so i would like to fix some points. So, If i make this chair I would like to fix back of chair part it’s too long i mean the size and it makes unbalance this chair this is just miniature so it seems like fine but if you make the real one it’s gonna be really hard to stand also the seat part is too short so i would like to 4:6(Seat/Back) i think that ratio is perfect balance. In addition, i would like to fix chair legs part it seems like to weak and it needs support so i would like to add support flat plate each two chair legs. Finally, this chair maker said when he made this chair he thought lemonade so if i paint this chair i would like to paint Yellow & white I mean outside part and chair leg parts is white color and inside part(seat& back) is Yellow color i think if i do that that chair like lemon and it look so fresh. that’s my opinion about this chair and sorry about my terrible english i know my english grammar is such a disaster! anyway see you tonight classmates!

    • leighanora says:

      Hope you are feeling better. I painted my chair re-design in the natural wood color since a lot people seemed to like the idea of keeping the original color of pallet. I like the idea of the yellow and white since it is a clean, crisp design and the light colors will keep the feeling of the “lightness” in weight of the chair. I think you need to be careful when chosing the tone of the yellow so that it doesn’t look too bright and circus like or yellow school bus. I’m interested to see how it turns out tonight. Also, do you know how I upload photos? I would like to upload the pics of my chair re-design before class.

  4. leighanora says:

    I finished my chair re-design, I am working on Danny’s bench. I found it hard to put something of myself into design since we were really only supposed to change/fix the problem areas that we talked about it class. I removed some of the slates on the side that compose the triangle to give it less weight. I like having the cut-outs to emphasize the crisp lines of the triangle base. We started to come up with a few names for the bench, but I keep coming back to Isosceles (had to look the spelling up on that one) bench or something related to the shape and angles of the triangle. I was also thinking something like intersecting angles bench. Was looking for another word for bench, which seems too obvious. I like the word settee but not sure how to work that in yet.

    Main Entry: bench  [bench]
    /bɛntʃ/ Show Spelled
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: furniture for sitting
    Synonyms: bank, chair, form, lawn seat, pew, seat, settee, settle, stall

  5. dhawk3 says:

    obviously we went about this all wrong… but there is a good section at around 3:05 with a good technique to get the nails out of the boards

  6. Johnkoshea says:

    Thank you soooo much for putting that up!!!!!! there is so much awesome information available to us on the internet. Please keep this blog filled with new ideas helpful tips and progressive thinking. Keep it up!

  7. Darrell says:

    Thanks dhawk3 good to know. Although, I think our pallets were a little more stubborn than the one in the video

  8. Johnkoshea says:

    D can you tell everyone how you posted a video as a comment?

  9. dhawk3 says:

    I don”y think I did anything special to post the video I’m pretty sure I just copy and pasted the url

  10. Ryan Spadaro says:

    I thought it might be easy and more organized if I put each team’s bench in a separate meta thread. It pulls down from Pallet Chair, check it out.

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